I grew up in New Mexico and graduated with a BFA in painting before I ever took a course in photography. A class with Betty Hahn in alternative photographic processes at UNM got me interested and I went on from there. I approach photography like painting. I am interested in creating the photograph rather than just taking it. I take different elements that I have photographed at different times and places and combine them into a single image with photoshop. I have begun to use Painter and recently some iPad painting apps to increasingly manipulate my images. After I am satisfied, I print and mount the large scale images onto panels and sometimes embellish them with artist paints and resin.
Linda Ingraham’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States and abroad, including solo shows in Brussels and Tokyo. She recently had a 25 year Retrospective at Chandler Center for the Arts in Arizona. She is included in the collections of three American museums as well as numerous public and private collections. Currently she is represented by Bogéna Galerie in St Paul de Vence, France.
linda ingraham_artist
Linda Ingraham

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